Our philosophy

Dinning in a gallery; seemingly distinct in nature, yet an impeccable unison. An experience that is beyond words, a unique concept that is metaphorical in essence; where each dish is richly saturated with the art of Thai gastronomy.

Certainly, the artistic and vivid ambience of Thai Gallery is bound to be more attractive, when the wildest mind is provoked with an assembly of exceptionally-curated art pieces, while the palate is seduced with a selection of ambrosian Thai cuisine.

With our head Chef, Suchat Suajamsin, traces his passion in Thai cuisine 30 years back and subsequently mastering his culinary techniques in Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok, such craftsmanship is firmly manifested into each dish – truly in the form of art.

Imagine one relaxing afternoon…..

Soft sunlight embraces unpretentioulsy, time goes by slowly  as if the world halts. Taking one’s time in a carefree manner, lounging effortlessly on the tatami, observing countless of his and hers lingeringly sharing their joy and satisfaction, whilst admiring the captivating works of art from a variety of artists.

Is it really a crime to distract oneself from sorrows just for a little while?
Is it considered a sin to indulge in the inviting tunes of a wonderful atmosphere?
Is it wrong to capture a maniac spirit of Carpe Diem?

And that is where our Thai culinary journey begins……